Hello world!

I’m trying an experiment — starting a blog about my training. I’m thinking I might record more details about workouts online than I would on paper. This blog will be mostly for me, although if others want to follow the details of my training, that would be fine. So far, Bike Journal has been sufficient to keep all my stats, but now that I’m adding in running and weights, I have more details to record and need a new place.  Once I add in swimming, it will get even more complicated.  A blog is a good place to record more narratives about my training, if I decide I want to, whereas Bike Journal is not, and paper training diaries can be limiting.  Plus I like the idea of sharing the details with anyone who is interested.

So — we’ll see how this goes.  Details of future workouts to come …


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  1. Dana on

    Hey Dorothy,
    Nice blog. I’m jealous of the miles you have accumulated for the year. I managed over 3000 miles this year and next year I’ll shoot for 3500 and more if I can manage it. I think living in Maine hinders the miles I can do, especially this time of year.
    I noticed that you talk about heart rate a lot. Do you use a heart rate monitor? I find it’s been a great training tool for me. I use a Polar CS200cad and it’s been great to be able to record all my info on http://www.polarpersonaltrainer.com. Even though it’s my bike computer I use it in spin classes during the off season and also on the treadmill. I’m able to log in my info and categorize them as cycling, spinning or running (because I’ve set up those categories).
    I started using bikejournal at the end of the season and it’s a great free program. I especially like that I can compare my info to my fellow club members who used the site.
    I’m also going to look into http://www.cyclistats.com in the spring. It looks like a very comprehensive software program. (The running program is http://www.stridware.com.) Thought you might like to check into these products as well. There is also a free 30-day trial on it to see if you’d really like it or not.
    Good luck with the swim lessons! That’s probably the most challenging part of being a triathlete, for those of us who aren’t swimmers to begin with.
    —(_)/ (_)

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Hi Dana — thanks for commenting! I would have a hard time riding that many miles in Maine — in my part of Connecticut, the winter isn’t so bad, and I can ride outdoors through much of it. I do use a heart rate monitor and I like it a lot — perhaps I depend on it too much — but it’s a useful training tool. Thanks for the links — I’ll check them out.

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