Sunday ride

Rode 1 1/2 hours today, 22.5 miles. It was in the 30s, which, now that I’ve done rides in the 20s, feels plenty warm — as long as it’s not windy. Wind changes everything.

I think this will be my last ride of the year, so with today’s ride I’ve done over 4,200 miles this year, a personal record. Last year I rode 3,700 miles. As for next year, I have no idea how many miles I’ll do, but if I take this tri stuff seriously, it may not be as many. That’s okay.

I got my running shoes yesterday, as well as a new pair of tights that will work for cycling and running both, so I’m all set to become a runner for real.


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  1. Jenny on


  2. Karen on

    How often, on average do you typically ride during the week to log that many miles? I only get out once a week if weather permits due to work/parenting demands. Just thought of keeping track of mileage this year (my first resolution of 2008).

  3. craigdurkee on

    great ride report mate

    i did a ride in 41 degree heat today and im feeling it now for sure

  4. Dorothy W. on

    Karen — it depends on the time of year, but typically I’ll ride 5 times a week during the season and 2-5 times during the off-season, depending on how I feel. Most of my rides are relatively short, 15-30 miles, until I start training for a century and then the rides get longer, which helps me yearly total. My best month this past year was 575 miles, in September when I trained for a rode a century. Do you know about BikeJournal? It’s a great way to log miles:

    Craig — 41 — a heat wave! 🙂

  5. Karen on

    My rides are on the short side too–about 25 miles but like I said, I only get one or two in a week. I trained for the Livestrong ride last year, but that was only a 45 mile ride. I’d like to do the 70 mile leg of Livestrong…but a century I think I’d need more time on the bike to perform.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll bookmark it and start keeping track tomorrow. I hope miles on the trainer count!

  6. Dorothy W. on

    If you can do a 45 mile ride, you can definitely do 70, and if you can do 70, you can definitely do 100! I work up to it by doing one long ride a week. Yes, Bike Journal lets you categorize outdoor and indoor rides — it’s really pretty nifty!

  7. Karen on

    Just signed up for Bike Journal….what a great tool! I gave you the credit in a post on my blog too. Thanks for the tip. Happy New Year!

  8. […] cyclists, the momentum should pull my ass onto the saddle more often.  Taking a tip from another blogger, I signed up today at bike journal as a means of logging my performance.  It’s free, and has […]

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