Tuesday Run

Ran 26 minutes today, 2.2 miles, which means I’m slow.  I can walk that fast.  But I was trying to keep my heart rate down to an aerobic level, and I did that pretty well, 149 average, my lowest, I think.

I know how far I ran because immediately after returning home from the run, I covered the route again on my bike and measured the distance that way.  The loop was 2.7 miles long — I walked the last half mile when I finished running — and I think I can easily add another .3, which would make a nice easy training loop, once I’m a little more used to running.

I was supposed to go on a bike ride with my cycling club today, but it was raining all morning and the ride got postponed until Sunday.  That’s okay — I didn’t feel like a hard 3-hour ride today anyway.


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  1. Bettybetty on

    Isn’t it funny how bike fitness doesn’t carry over so well to running outdoors? I went running today myself even though I know it doesn’t do a thing for my cycling. I did 4 miles and felt really slow – 9-10 minute miles. My gait or stride or whatever it is called was very closed up which was making me slow. Lungs were good but the body just didn’t want to do it. I guess I just need to do it more to get legs.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    I aspire to 9-10 minute miles! Well, I know I could run a bit faster than I do, but I’m focusing on building a base right now — speed can come later.

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