Wednesday weight training

Just a half hour weight training session today — otherwise, I was kept busy working. But I really do need every weight session I can get. Today I worked out in my school’s gym. Gyms frighten me, but last month I decided to conquer my fear and get to it — and it helped that a good friend of mind has been working out there for a few months and could tell me how nice the place is. And it IS nice — not the equipment so much, which is just ordinary, but the people who work there. When I went in my first day, the student working there, who must be studying exercise science or something like that, spent 45 minutes with me, showing me around, adjusting the machines for me, telling me how many reps to do, etc. It was great.


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  1. Dark Orpheus on

    I was into weight training a few years back. It is quite an ego booster to see the muscle definition. But I couldn’t really stay with it because of the monotony of it.

    Remember to throw in regular yoga classes with your weight training, just to stretch out the muscles and avoid getting too stiff.

    I admire how you’re committing to this. Wish you the best on your training.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    You’re so right about the yoga, Dark Orpheus — I really need it! Because of the lifting, but also because of all the muscle work involved in riding and running. I can feel my muscles tighten up if I don’t do yoga. I stretch out after each workout (most of the time), but I’ve found it isn’t enough. I need separate, extended stretching sessions.

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