Friday ride and weights

Rode for an hour today, 14.5 miles with a HR of 147. It was about 24 degrees when I left and about 29 when I got back. Pretty cold, certainly, but I felt fine. I don’t like wearing a balaklava or any other face covering, and I’m generally okay without it — the hard part is the first few minutes when I’m not warmed up and am riding fast downhill. Once I climb my first hill, however, I warm up and everything is fine. I remember doing some rides last winter when the temps were in the 20s and feeling miserable — I’m not sure if my attitude has changed, if I’ve gotten used to the cold, or if I’ll feel miserable later in the winter when I’ve had just about all I can stand of cold-weather riding.

Also did a half hour weight session at school.


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  1. Karen on

    You are tougher than nails to be out in this weather! My threshold is about 35 degrees. I think If I had a proper cycling jacket and those little booties I might be able to go to about 25. I enjoyed a 40 minute spin on the training, 72 degrees, 14 miles 🙂

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Thank you Karen! I wouldn’t venture out in the cold if I didn’t have very warm shoe covers — I just got new ones with a fleece lining that are wonderful — and I also wear chemical toe warmers on really cold days or on any long ride below, say, 50 degrees. They make SUCH a difference! My toes get cold so easily. I’ve ridden a lot without a proper cycling jacket — just piled on the layers — but now that I have a jacket, I’m really appreciating it. You’re probably getting a better workout indoors than I am outdoors, but I just can’t stand the stupid trainer!

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