Saturday run

Ran for a little under 31 minutes, my longest run yet, and I’m pleased to be at the half hour mark. I think I’ll stop adding on time for the next few runs to make sure my body’s used to it and then get myself up to an hour, slowly, with maybe one long run a week. Let’s see — if I add on 5 minutes to my weekly “long” run, it’ll take me 6 weeks to work up to an hour. That would be fine.

I ran something like 2.6 miles today — ridiculously slow, once again. HR at 150; temps in the low 40s. It felt good — I’ve been wondering if I’ll get bored with running or feel pain because of it, but so far so good. Of course, how bored can one get in half an hour? Well, I know how bored I can get in half an hour based on the times I’ve tried to ride that long on the trainer. Running is much more fun than that.

One interesting thing about running vs. cycling — I have more interaction with people out on the streets. With cycling, I may nod to runners or other riders, but that’s it. With running, people say hello to me or make comments like “well, you have a lot of energy!” It’s less solitary — at least the runs I’ve been doing around my town are.


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  1. Stefanie on

    Good job! How far do you have to run in a triathlon?

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Thanks Stefanie! It really depends on the triathlon — it could be anywhere from 2 or 3 miles to 26. Most of them are probably in the 5-10 range. I’ll start at the shorter end obviously šŸ™‚

  3. Dark Orpheus on

    Could I just ask: when you run, how do you gauge the distance you’ve covered?

    Do you plan your route before hand or is there some device that measure the distance for you?

    I have to admit you’re inspiring me to starting running. Been meaning to do that since I read Ultramarathon Man, but I wonder how I’m going to fit it into the schedule with yoga. I’m sure I can. Somehow.

  4. Dorothy W. on

    Dark Orpheus — at first I was just guessing, but then I rode a route I’ve repeated a few times on my bicycle which has a computer than can measure distance. I was contemplating driving around in my car, but I think the bike is probably more accurate. I’m considering getting a device to measure distance — there are cool ones with GPS units available (Garmins), but I’m considering getting a footpod, which you can calibrate for your particular stride, and it will measure distance too. They are a bit expensive, though — the one I’m looking at is $200 and that’s on the cheaper end (although it includes a heart rate monitor, and without heart rate monitor, it would be something like $100)

    I’m very pleased you’re interested in running! I’ve enjoyed it so far, even when I’m running in 20 degree weather. It IS hard to fit in everything. I’m riding my bike a little less than usual because of the running, but I do like doing both sports at once.

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