Sunday ride

Had a very nice group ride with my cycling club today; it was the postponed New Year’s ride, and a lot of people showed up, something like 50 or so. I decided to ride with the B group, as I didn’t want to work terribly hard, and that worked out pretty well — I rode at a comfortable pace for most of the ride, the first approximately 35 miles with my HR averaging in the upper 130s. Then for the last 10 miles a group of faster B riders took off the front and I stayed with them, working hard for much of the time. Here my HR stayed in the 160s and 170s, and my legs soon felt like they’d had about all they could take. I’m just not good at maintaining that slower aerobic pace when I’m riding with a group — if faster riders take off, it’s hard to resist going with them. But the last 10 miles was fun, and it felt good to work hard.

I felt some twinges of disappointment that I wasn’t riding with the A riders, but, really, they would have pushed me too hard for this time of the season. March is a good time for pushing hard, not January.

The only bad moment was when we made a long stop about halfway through the ride — about 20 minutes or so, long enough for me to get seriously cold.  I dress so that I’ll stay warm as long as I’m working — I don’t dress to stand outside for long stretches of time.  It took at least another 20 minutes of riding for me to warm up again.

Distance: 46 miles; time: 2:50; HR: 144.


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