Monday running and yoga

I just got back from yoga class and was laughing on the way home at how slowly Hobgoblin and I were walking — normally we speed walk everywhere, but after yoga class, all we could do was amble. It was partly the difficulty of the class, but mostly the way class puts you in such a calm, unhurried mode; you can’t switch back into power walking immediately. I’m hoping I’ll continue going to this class even once the semester begins; I’m very bad at attendance while school is in session, but maybe this time will be different …

I also ran a half hour today, covering around 2.7 miles. I followed one of the workouts in Joe Friel’s triathlon book, which was to do a segment of a run in Zone 3 or at tempo pace. I don’t really know my lactic threshold HR, so all I could do was guess, but I was probably close enough. Average HR was 151; first ten minutes at 147, the middle segment at a harder pace was 154, and the final part was 151. This last bit was complicated by a hill I have to climb. In my area I can’t get away from hills, although the ones on my route are very minor and hardly count, but even a minor hill will send my HR shooting up.

I was seriously tempted to ride today as well since it was so warm, but that would have been too much after yesterday’s hard effort and before tomorrow’s planned long ride, when the weather will be even warmer.


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  1. Dark Orpheus on

    Ah, I just gravitate towards any post that mentions yoga. But if your yoga class brings you to a calmer, more relaxed state of mind, it’s a great class.

    Hope things work out so you can continue with yoga class.

    I really believe the world would be a better place if we all practice yoga.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Thanks Dark Orpheus — I agree with you that more yoga would make the world better! I so need yoga, and yet it’s the first thing I drop, generally, when I get busy. Riding is more important to me than yoga, so it kind of makes sense, and yet if I don’t do yoga, my body gets tighter and tighter, which can’t help my riding at all.

  3. Dark Orpheus on

    Just wondering about your yoga practice — it is vigorous, more power based?

    Have you tried yin yoga? Power yoga work more on the muscles, but yin yoga work on the bones and connective tissues — which will of course further improve flexibility. Most of all it’s good as a form of mental and physical endurance training.

  4. Dorothy W. on

    Dark Orpheus — I go to a Vinyasa class, so yeah, it’s pretty vigorous. The thing is, there are only two types of classes at my studio — vinyasa and Naam yoga. I didn’t know anything about Naam, but attended a class last week and didn’t like it particularly — it’s not athletic at all and is more about chanting and singing. I am interested in the spirituality aspect of yoga, but I also want a good workout. So vinyasa it is — although I will look out for yin yoga classes if they are ever offered. It sounds quite interesting — I like the idea of yoga endurance training.

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