Wednesday run and weights

I ran for a half hour today, about 2.7 miles, although I can’t tell for sure, as there was construction I had to detour around. The unfortunate thing is that my foot was hurting a bit as I ran — not enough to make me stop, but enough to make me wonder if it will get worse and if I should ease off for a while. We’ll see how it feels as I walk around over the next couple days. It hurts somewhere in the area where the heel turns into the arch.  HR: 149.

I lifted weights too, and it felt surprisingly good — surprisingly because my body is so fatigued from the work of the last few days that I thought I wouldn’t do well. After the long rides on Sunday and yesterday, my quads are tired, and after yoga class on Monday, my arms are a little sore. But that’s all good — I’ll do a little less over the next couple days and will recover nicely.


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