Monday yoga

Had a very nice although difficult vinyasa yoga class last night; I missed the earlier evening class which was the easier one and so it was a choice between a level 2 class which I’m barely ready for and staying home.  I figured that teachers are right when they say “there’s always child’s pose!” and that I could make it through okay.  Not that I actually choose child’s pose, though; I like to think that I don’t have much pride when it comes to yoga as that would be silly since I’m so inflexible, but I do, I’m afraid.  I know this is not a good thing.  Anyway, I made it through what felt like the never-ending sun salutation cycles and I felt much better for it.  Must keep going to yoga class even when the semester gets busy …


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  1. Dark Orpheus on

    The wonderful thing is you actually showed up for the Level 2 class. I would probably have skipped.

    Similar issues with pride for my yoga practice. I was humbled the last time I ventured into the Intermediate classes where I still have problems with arm balances/handstands. So I just tell myself I need to get stronger first.

    I’m getting a little too comfortable at my current yoga classes. But the thought of not being able to follow through with the more advance class is — well, my pride gets in the way.

    How dreadful to have the ego in the way.

    Just keep showing up for yoga class, yay?

  2. Dorothy W. on

    It certainly helped to know the teacher and therefore to know that I could get through the class one way or another. As for pride, I tell myself it’s okay that I’m inflexible because of all the time I spend riding and the way it tightens up my muscles. With an “excuse” like that, it doesn’t bother me as much. But still, I know I shouldn’t need an excuse … Thanks for the encouragement.

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