Friday run

I “only” ran a half hour today, and it felt like a break.  I needed some time off the bike, although I had a reason for riding as much as I did the last three days: I was worried about bad weather this weekend and I wanted to get in as many hours earlier in the week as I could.  Tomorrow looks good for a ride but Sunday will be cold, as in highs in the low 20s and windy.

The run was fine; I felt like pushing a bit harder for some reason, and so I did.  Sometimes my body decides how the workout will go and my mind has no say in the matter.  Maybe I felt like running a bit faster (only a bit) because it was a little warmer than usual and I wasn’t wearing the bulky clothing I often do.  There’s something wonderful about feeling lighter, even if it’s only one layer I was able to shed.  HR: 155.


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