Sunday run

I ran for 40 minutes today — my longest ever!  Or, my longest since I started running last November.  I probably covered about 3.7 miles; I could measure the first half of the run as I knew the distance and could guess about the rest.  I felt fine running that long, although I could tell I was getting tired near the end and my form was falling apart a bit.  I’m still ridiculously slow, but I think I’m getting a bit faster and my HR is staying about the same; today it was 150.


2 comments so far

  1. Jenny on

    I don’t think that’s slow. You may find that it’s just difficult to get much more speed and stay aerobic–unless one has the flattest of flat runs, it is difficult as a newish runner (i.e. even a couple years in) not to go up more like well into Zone 2 in a run… all sounds good!

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Thank you Jenny — I guess I’m still figuring out what various paces mean. And I certainly don’t have completely flat runs — no major hills, but certainly little rollers that take my heart rate up.

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