Monday cycling and yoga

Just got back from a very nice yoga class — the Level 1 vinyasa class this time, which suits me pretty well, although last week showed that I can make it through a Level 2 class if need be. I’m so pleased with how lately my hamstrings have not been sore the day after class, and my arms and core muscles only mildly sore. I used to have such hamstring tightness afterwards, it was very unpleasant. But my body is getting used to regular practice …

And a ridiculously cold hour-long ride today; it was 24 when I left and 26 when I returned. I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow (yes, it’s a rest week, and I’m not riding more than four hours the whole week, but I need to squeeze in the hours whenever I can, so it looks like the end of the week will be the time to rest). I want to get out on the road well before the snow moves in, so I can’t wait for it to warm up a bit.

At this point, with this weather, riding indoors on the trainer would probably give me a better workout, but I just can’t bear the trainer …


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