Monday cycling and yoga

And now the challenge begins: how to fit in my workouts around my teaching schedule.  Most of my riding I’ll be doing in the mornings, from, say 8:00 to 9:00 or 9:30, and I’m grateful to have the time — but it will be cold!  This morning I left a little before 8:00 and it was 27 and windy.  The ride was okay, except for getting blown around by gusts.  It’s just hard to ride when it’s that cold — my heart rate shoots up and my muscles don’t want to work hard.  But whatever.  This will make spring riding seem heavenly.  Rode for 1:15 and did a few hills (I mean, I’m always doing hills, but I did a few more than usual, and some longer ones).

And this evening’s yoga class was great; I was feeling exhausted after my early ride and then my teaching, but the yoga class woke me right up and now I feel much better.


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