Wednesday run and gym

Had a nice 33 minute run today, covering about 2.9 miles; I’m still dogged by some foot pain, and so am trying not to push too hard or to run far. I’ll stick to my half hour runs until it gets better. It was fun testing out the Garmin a bit more; I still don’t have it calibrated right, but I’ll try to take care of that this weekend. The data is fun to look through, though, even if it’s not perfectly accurate at the moment.

Lifted weights in the gym and did some yoga this afternoon; my hamstrings are loosening up — yay! If only I stick to yoga for a few weeks straight I notice such a difference. I’m excited about how much stronger and more flexible I’m becoming.


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  1. びっくり on

    Yikes! I don’t know if this blog inspires me or makes me feel exhausted. You sure are active. I need to get out on the road a bit more. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    I try, Bikkuri! I’m realizing more and more how happy exercise makes me, so it only makes sense to do lots and lots of it.

  3. びっくり on

    Ah, like doing drugs? 😉 I have become so lazy, I need to remember how good it felt to exercise and get moving.

  4. Dorothy W. on

    Exactly! 🙂

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