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Wednesday ride

I rode pretty hard today, doing some intervals out on one of the flatter roads around.  I was out about 1:15.  I may be doing this a little close to Sunday’s race, I’m not sure, but between now and then I’ll just ride easy and take Friday off.  These early season races are hard to deal with, because they really are of lesser importance and I’d almost rather spend the time doing other kinds of training, and yet they are good preparation for races that come later, plus they are fun.  They mean, however, that I lose the chance to do a long ride on the weekend, because I’m afraid it would tire me out too much for Sunday’s race.

I did some yoga on my own yesterday; I may head out for a class tonight, but I haven’t yet made up my mind …


Monday ride

Went on a quick recovery ride today, about 50 minutes, out and back on the flattest road around here — which is not to say that it’s flat, actually, just the flattest one around.  Tomorrow I’ll rest, as the weather is supposed to be bad, and Wednesday I hope to work hard again.

Weekly roundup: 2/18 — 2/24

Trained 8 1/2 hours this week:

  • 6 1/2 hours riding, 103 miles
  • 2 hours yoga

Alas, my foot is still sore, so no running.  I’m guessing it’ll be a few weeks before I can begin again.

Sunday ride

The roads were clear enough to get out today, so Hobgoblin and I headed out for three hours on the Beach Loop, a ride that takes us down to the Long Island Sound and back. It was in the 30s, so not particularly warm, but the sun was out, which made it a little better. With the sun and the snow and the perfectly clear sky, it was quite a beautiful ride.

Hobgoblin is so much fun to draft on — he’s a foot taller than I am, so it’s easy to tuck in behind him and hardly put forth any effort at all. The only problem was that I’d get a face full of water and mud every time we went through a puddle; he’s got fenders, which I thought were supposed to stop that sort of thing, but apparently not.

So I managed to put in a good week’s worth of riding, in spite of the bad weather. Good thing, because my first race is in a week.

A quiet weekend

So far it’s been a quiet weekend as far as exercising goes — actually as far as my life goes too.  We got a big snowstorm yesterday that kept me inside, and today, while the roads were starting to improve, it was still too treacherous outside to ride.  Tomorrow, though, I should be able to get out, and I hope to ride for three hours or so.

This morning I went to yoga class — the second class I’ve attended this week.  That’s the bright side of this bad weather — it gives me more time for the indoor forms of exercise I enjoy.

Thursday ride

Went on an hour-long ride this morning; it was just as cold if not colder than yesterday, but I felt better, probably because the wind wasn’t as strong. This weekend looks terrible for riding — snow comes in tomorrow and will continue into Saturday. Who knows when the roads will be rideable again.

Wednesday ride

A cold and windy ride today, with a dramatic encounter with an ice patch; I very nearly went down and I’m not sure how I prevented it — I felt my back wheel slide around and I began to tilt over and then somehow I righted myself and went on.  I bet it was dramatic to watch, although I don’t think anyone was around at the time.

I’ve felt okay about riding in the cold for most of the winter, but now it’s beginning to get to me, mostly, I suppose, because spring isn’t too far away and I keep hoping it will get here early.  It’s this time of year, when I’ve been riding in the cold for so long and the end is in sight, that cold-weather riding begins to get more difficult.

If I can drag myself out of the house, I’ll be attending yoga class tonight; I also practiced on my own yesterday, the only exercise of the day.

Rainy Monday ride

I didn’t think I’d ride today because the forecast called for rain, but it cleared up enough in the early afternoon I decided to risk it — and it was 58 degrees, and although I would have liked to laze around all afternoon on a vacation day, I just couldn’t let a 58-degree day go by without a ride.

I was fine for the first 50 minutes, but then I felt rain drops, and soon enough I was soaked. Oh well — it was fun, I’ll admit, as I wasn’t cold and wasn’t far from home (25 minutes).

I tried doing a little bit of running — really it was a walk with a few short bursts of jogging, but my foot is a little sore, so I’m not sure what to do. I’ll wait and see how it feels over the next couple days.

Weekly round-up: 2/11 — 2/17

Trained 6 1/2 hours total:

  • 5 hours on the bike, 73 miles
  • 1 1/2 hours weights and yoga

Sunday ride

I went on an utterly miserable ride today; it wasn’t the weather that caused the problem this time, but rather my saddle. I’m trying out new ones — my bike shop has let me borrow two of them so far so I can test them out — and today’s saddle hurt. Thank God I was only doing a quick out and back ride to recover from yesterday’s workout because I’m not sure I could have stood anything longer than the 40 minutes I was out there. That saddle goes back to the shop tomorrow …

Also did weights and yoga this afternoon.

I’m considering trying to run again this week; my foot is mostly back to normal (I have some pain in my big toe joint that has hit me before and it goes away pretty quickly). But when I do run I’m going to take it slowly, as in doing workouts that are mostly walking at first in order to build up the endurance I need. I don’t care how long it takes me to build up a running base — I’m in no hurry, and so if it takes me two or three months to work up to running three miles, that’s fine. I just don’t want my foot to start hurting again. I’ll probably follow one of those couch to 5K training plans that are out there to make sure I don’t take on too much too soon.