Wednesday yoga and thoughts on running

The weather was icky this morning, and so I stayed in and did some yoga — which was quite nice, as I had plenty of time and could really enjoy it.

About running, though, I’ve decided I need a little break, as I can’t seem to shake the mild pain I’ve had in my left foot.  It’s a bearable pain — it goes away when I run  or walk and returns only when I’ve let my foot stiffen up a bit.  It happens along the bones on the top of my foot.  I’m not sure what the cause is, except that it’s probably from too much pounding on feet that aren’t used to it.  So, I want to rest until it goes away and then slowly build back up again.  I’m guessing it’ll take a week or two and probably not any longer; I haven’t run in three days and I notice a lot of improvement already.

It’s a little bit of a bummer, but it could be much worse — a stress fracture or something like that — and I don’t mind too much, as I have lots of patience and am in no real hurry.


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  1. Jenny on

    With running definitely best to err on side of caution! If you decide you need a couple weeks off, you could do a bit of “pool running” (deep-water running) to keep the running fitness you’ve gained, you can do it with a flotation belt of any kind, doesn’t have to be one of the official ones–those sort of learn to swim belts with a couple little square foam bits will work. Do half an hour of “jogging” or a short interval workout, it really does help you totally maintain running fitness…

  2. zhiv on

    You might want to talk to your yoga teacher (if you really like that person and think they know their stuff) about the foot and running. I have a thing with the joint of my right big toe, must have fractured it at some point, so it doesn’t bend back easily like the left one, and it’s probably somewhat arthritic. At any rate, it kills to try to sit back on my heels with my toes tucked under, but trying to do it regularly seems to build flexibility and it feels like it’s good for it. With the kind of foot pain you’re talking about it seems like you might feel it doing crescent pose, but what do I know. Rest is best, but maybe there’s some way you can build strength and flexibility.

    But yeah, if you can’t run, you might have to start that swimming training that you’re trying to delay! I’m not sure that Jenny’s suggestion about pool running suits your goals, but using the injury/foot tweak as a reason to get in the pool seems like a pretty good idea. My guess, however, is that you’ll see it instead as a reason to spend more time on the bike and get into your racing season… which sounds simple and perfect. Did you decide which division to race in–I might have missed it.

  3. Dorothy W. on

    Jenny — you’re so right about the need to be cautious. I’ve heard of too many running-related injuries. And thanks for the suggestion! I’d certainly follow it, if I had easy access to a pool right now, but I’d have to join the Y, which I’m not quite ready to do. But I’m hoping this break from running is short — I’m already feeling a lot better, and am just waiting for the discomfort to disappear entirely.

    Zhiv — you know too well how I think! Yeah, I’m going to use the extra time to ride more. It would make sense to take up swimming, but I just can’t bring myself to start something new right now. I’m hoping I’ll need two weeks off at the most, maybe even less, and I’ve already rested for half a week, so hopefully it won’t be too long now … I’m leaning toward riding with the women, at least at first, just to try it. I haven’t decided for sure though.

    That’s an excellent suggestion about building strength and flexibility — in fact, my feet don’t hurt during crescent, but I do have very inflexible toes and feet and I’m sure it would help to work on that. My calves are tight too, which I think doesn’t help.

  4. craigdurkee on

    does yoga really help your training. thinking of giving it a try

  5. Dorothy W. on

    Yeah — it does help! I’m off to do some yoga now — it makes me feel so much better.

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