Thursday ride

I’m getting more riding in than I expected this week, as there have been enough breaks in the rain to let me get out. So today I rode for 1 hour 15 minutes, up and down some hills. Hill-climbing is my weakness, most definitely. I try to work on it, but I don’t seem to be working hard enough, as I haven’t seen much improvement. It’s not a whole lot of fun to work on hill climbing, so I suppose I don’t do it often enough. Well, the truth is, I can’t help but climb some hills, as there are no flat roads around here, but I generally head for the smaller hills and take them fairly slowly. I suppose losing 10 pounds — at least — would help me as well, but that doesn’t sound like fun either.


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  1. Karen on

    I also am no hill climber. Something about my muscles being slow twitch and not fast twitch. It’s as though sandbags materialize on my bike and weigh me down when I start to ascend. I seem to be able to go for decent distances, despite not having a lot of time to train (although I’ve never really “pushed” myself–my top distance is 56 miles. I think I can do a lot more if I had more time to work up to it…)

  2. zhiv on

    Makes me wonder if the running, and especially running up hills, would help you climb hills on your bike.

  3. Dorothy W. on

    Karen, I’d be very curious to find out what kind of muscles I’ve got … I’m not sure. But yeah, that’s how I feel when I climb a hill, especially when I’m with other riders, and they are leaving me behind… I’m sure you could double your top distance easily, with a few weeks of long rides.

    Zhiv — interesting; I’m not sure. I hope so!

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