Weekend training

Yesterday I rode for an hour and my legs were tired!  I could tell it was the third day in a row I’d ridden, and the fifth day this week, after a long week last week too.  So I took it very easy, avg. HR 138.

Today the weather has been all over the place, first clear, then raining, then snowing, then clear, then snowing, then gray, then snowing, and windy most of the day.  I wasn’t planning on riding because of the built-up fatigue, and I didn’t, although I did look out the window during the clear parts of the day and wonder if I made the wrong decision.  I did get outside for a walk in the woods, and the only bad thing about that was that it irritated my foot, which was a little more sore today than it has been in a while.

I rather desperately need to do some weights and yoga, and although I’m feeling lazy and might prefer to spend the evening reading, I haven’t exercised at all today, and that’s not a good thing, and I know it would do me so much good … so I’m off to do what I need to do …


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