Saturday ride

I can’t even tell you how much I did not want to ride this morning. Some racers from my cycling club decided to turn the weekly Saturday morning 7:30 training ride (which I never attend, it being way too early on a weekend morning and often very cold too) into a practice session for the upcoming races, and so I decided, for once, to join them. But this morning it was so hard to drag myself out of bed and then out into the cold — it was barely 20 degrees when I left and 24 degrees when I returned.

But I did it, and the training session was good; we rode over to the race course and did some warm-up laps and then worked on things like lead-outs and chases and sprints. I wasn’t really a full participant in this as I’m not quite strong enough — I’m very far from being a designated sprinter or a lead-out person or anything like that — but I did all the laps and rode hard and got practice in hanging on for dear life, which was the reason I finally made myself attend this thing. We were out there for about two hours, although we only rode for 1:15; we spent a lot of time stopped, talking about strategy. I was grateful for the rest.

The plan, I believe, is to do this again next week; I need it, as I wasn’t feeling very strong today. This is my first real speed workout of the year, though, and I’m trying not to expect too much. I’m having doubts about my ability to keep up with the women’s pack — I wish bike racing were a little more like running races so that lagging behind wouldn’t mean the end of things, which is a reason I’m interested in triathlons — but I’ll try it anyway. If I can hang on at least a little while the first week, then I’ll hang on longer the next time and the next time and then it won’t be so bad.


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  1. bettybetty on

    Are you going to be riding with the Cat 4 women? Criterium? You definately should be able to hang in the pack – just stay in the pack and try not to drift to the back. Focus on the wheel of someone who is faster than you not your equal. Once I drift to the back it is over and it usually happens because I focus on the wrong person who gets gapped and then it is all downhill if you are already tired. The more you subject yourself to it the better you will get at it and the better you will get to know the other riders and their abilities.

    I know what you are saying about the running thing which is why so many people at all levels of fitness are attracted to the tri-athalons. But you started your skill building in the right area – so many local triathletes are squirrely on the bike. You’ll do well once you get your running endurance built up.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    I wish there were a Cat 4 women’s race, but it’s a Women’s open, so I’m worried about the Cat 1s and 2s and 3s. I tried to ride with them my first race ever and got dropped after 3 laps; I’m stronger now, but I don’t know how strong. The course has a small hill in it too, which is tough for me, as hill climbing is my weakness. But your advice is good — I do need to work on staying up front as much as I can; I’ve been on the wheel of someone who lets a gap open up and it sucks, and the yo-yoing that goes on in the back makes you work harder too.

    Having experience riding does work to my advantage for triathlons, as riding is such a big portion of the race. I’m itching to get running again, after taking a break to let my foot heal.

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