Sunday ride

The roads were clear enough to get out today, so Hobgoblin and I headed out for three hours on the Beach Loop, a ride that takes us down to the Long Island Sound and back. It was in the 30s, so not particularly warm, but the sun was out, which made it a little better. With the sun and the snow and the perfectly clear sky, it was quite a beautiful ride.

Hobgoblin is so much fun to draft on — he’s a foot taller than I am, so it’s easy to tuck in behind him and hardly put forth any effort at all. The only problem was that I’d get a face full of water and mud every time we went through a puddle; he’s got fenders, which I thought were supposed to stop that sort of thing, but apparently not.

So I managed to put in a good week’s worth of riding, in spite of the bad weather. Good thing, because my first race is in a week.


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