Thursday, Friday rides

Let’s see — Wednesday I took off completely; I should have gone to yoga class that day, but I wimped out.  I was feeling too busy and too stressed, and just couldn’t bear to get out of the house again and couldn’t make myself practice at home.  I know, these are precisely the circumstances in which yoga is most beneficial, but sometimes it’s just too hard.  I hope to get back to class next week.

Thursday I rode for 1:15, pretty easy, trying to work on fast pedaling.  Friday’s ride was the best; I needed to drop a car off for Hobgoblin at his university campus, so I put my bike in the car, drove there, and rode home.  I took a longer route than was necessary and rode for 2 hours, working moderately hard, HR 148.  It was fun because it’s one of the flattest routes available around here and I felt like I was zipping along the whole time.  Plus the temperatures were in the upper 40s, which feels balmy these days.

So tomorrow is another race, but I’m worried about the wind.  Last week the wind was bad in spite of there being no wind warning in the forecast; this time there is a wind warning in the forecast, so I’m expecting it to be miserable.  And I’ll be lucky if the temperatures are out of the 20s when I race at 10:30.  It promises to be an experience …


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  1. zhiv on

    Good luck on the race!

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