No race report

Ahem.  It turns out I didn’t race on Sunday after all.  I was operating on too little sleep and felt just too terrible Sunday morning.  I can’t help but second guess that decision a little bit; I have a hard time finding the line between taking it easy on myself when I need to and being lazy and wimping out when I really shouldn’t.

Based on my ride this morning, though, I think I made the right decision — I was feeling sluggish and my heart rate was unusually low (140, when usually the cold weather and my pace would make it higher), which tells me that yesterday if I had tried to race, I probably wouldn’t have made it very far.

So now I’m looking ahead to next Sunday’s race.  Right now there is rain and snow in the forecast, but I’m hoping that will change….


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  1. josh on

    smart to skip it. there is a chance i might be at the race next weekend, not sure yet though.

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