Friday’s ride

I had a lovely ride today, two hours in reasonably warm weather — upper 40s and lower 50s.  The ride started off badly, though — I’ve got a new saddle and shortly after leaving the house I could feel the back of it slipping down.  The bolts weren’t tight enough.  But thanks to my recent experience taking saddles on and off and also thanks to the realization that I need to carry around some tools, I was able to make the proper adjustments myself and keep going.  Yay me!  (I know … this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m no bike mechanic and never will be.)  I rode for a while feeling terribly, and then I realized I needed to eat, and after stopping once again to eat a Clif bar, things got much, much better.

This afternoon I finally broke down and called a podiatrist to see what’s up with my foot.  My appointment is next Tuesday.  I hate seeing doctors and will avoid it at all costs, but my foot really should have healed by now.  I talked with my chiropractor about it, and she checked out my foot and had me walk around a bit, and she thinks I pronate too much and that may be part of my problem.  So with some expert help, soon I’ll be on the way to getting better …


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  1. Jenny on

    I actually almost left a comment on your previous post urging you to visit a doctor–I am glad you’ve decided to do so! It really is worth figuring out what it is–a muscle injury needs quite different recovery than a stress fracture, for instance–and will also let you work out what to do to avoid recurrence. Good luck problem-solving and healing! (I am imagining you will switch to different running shoes also? I can’t remember now what pair you got before, but perhaps it will be prudent to change!)

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Thanks Jenny — I do follow good advice eventually, but sometimes it takes me a while. I can be stupid that way 😦 I have neutral running shoes with no special support; I bought them at a place that analyzes your running, and the guy who helped me thought the neutral shoes would work, largely because I land on the mid or front part of my foot. Maybe he was wrong, I’m not sure, or maybe running that way was causing too much stress on my feet. Anyway, I suspect I’ll end up with different shoes because of this. The chiropractor thought it wasn’t a stress fracture but was some kind of tendonitis or inflammation of some sort. We’ll see …

  3. Leah on

    Glad you’re getting it checked out. I waited maybe too long when I was hurt last year (but I kept thinking it would just go away!). Perhaps I could have gotten back into things earlier. Oh well. Luckily our bodies do heal eventually. 🙂

  4. Jenny on

    Let us know how it goes! I have had markedly varying experiences with these doctors, BTW–you may have to be quite persistent in getting them to help you. The orthopedic guy who diagnosed my stress fracture was frankly incredibly unhelpful, I don’t think I talked to him for more than about 3 minutes each time I saw him and he was wholly uninterested in looking at pattern of shoe wear, hearing about training distances/ramp-up, nutrition or any of the other things that were clearly relevant! But I went to a very good foot doctor this summer (minor impending bunion, just needed an exam and some non-custom orthotics) who was really excellent, he had a passion for his topic and was an athlete himself and really interested in problems having to do with the feet, it was just what one would hope for… (Also when he learned I was an English professor he got the nurse to bring him a pad and paper so that I could write down some book recommendations for him!) I just think it is as well to steel yourself for the possibility that the first doctor might not be much good!

  5. BettyBetty on

    I pronate all over the place so would love to know what the Dr. has to say. I know mine said orthodics but I have yet to get them made — too cheap!

  6. Dorothy W. on

    Leah — the funny thing is, almost immediately after making the appointment, my foot started feeling better …

    Jenny — I may be in luck this time around, because the podiatrist comes highly recommended by my chiropractor. I was also impressed by their website (which doesn’t necessarily mean much) and by the fact that they asked me to bring my running shoes along. I’ll certainly post on how it goes!

    BettyBetty — how do you run without injuring yourself then!?

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