Doctor’s visit

I just got back from a visit to the podiatrist; they took x-rays and the doctor said it’s highly unlikely I have a stress fracture — he couldn’t tell for sure unless he sent me to a specialist to get it checked out, but based on the x-rays it looks very unlikely.  So after poking a bit at my foot, the doctor taped it up and said to keep the tape on for as long as I can — it lasts generally two days – and to come back in a week to talk about how it’s doing.  He told me to do some walking while my foot is taped up to see if the taping helps.  If so, he’ll prescribe orthotics.  He noticed when I stand up that my feet tend to fall inward and flatten out, so I could benefit from some extra support.

That sounds all right – I told him about wanting to compete in triathlons and he said that will be our goal, to get me running again and able to compete.  Also, he looked at my running shoes and said they were good ones, so it looks like I won’t need a new pair – definitely a good thing!

I can already tell that the taping is helping my foot – in fact, I’m tempted to get some tape for myself to try to copy what the doctor did and keep it wrapped up all week.  Maybe I’ll heal faster that way.


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  1. Courtney on

    Oh my gosh – I missed this news about your foot! I’m sorry! I hope it heals quickly. It’s great you have a doc supporting your overall goal – one who wants to get you there.

  2. Leah on

    That’s good news! I hope the support from the tape is the magic ticket.

  3. Dorothy W. on

    Thanks Courtney. I do have a good doctor; now I just have to wait for it to heal. Unfortunately it feels like it’s taking forever!

    Leah — thanks. The tape is still on, and while it hasn’t taken away all the pain, it definitely has helped.

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