Riding and yoga

Let’s see — I rode for two hours on Tuesday, took it fairly easy and had fun. Yesterday was off except for yoga (I haven’t been to class in a while and wasn’t practicing for almost two weeks, but I’m getting back into practicing now, at least at home), and today I rode for about an hour and a half, working hard this time, doing some intervals (seven minutes of work with one minute of rest five times, “work” meaning HR in the 160s). I started off feeling okay, but as the intervals went on, I could feel myself wearing down a bit. I mean, I guess that’s the point, to wear myself down a bit, but I was getting more tired than I should have been and my HR kept dropping. I think I’m still dragging a bit from my cold. Plus it’s difficult to ride hard when it’s super windy out — spring winds drive me crazy!


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