Saturday ride

I went on a lovely 56-mile ride today (or 58 according to Hobgoblin’s bike computer); it was about 45 degrees when we left and around 50 when we returned, a little breezy, but that’s not so bad when I have Hobgoblin to draft on (he’s a foot taller than I am, so I get all the drafting benefit and he gets none — but he’s significantly stronger than I am, so that seems fair).  Average HR was 151; on the way back I spent a significant amount of time with my HR in the upper 160s, which felt pretty good.  Right now I’m noticing just how much my quad muscles hurt when I climb up and particularly down our stairs …

It took us about 3:20 to finish the loop, which takes us, after some winding around, down to the beach in Westport, CT, and then back up north.  Riding south is a pleasure because much of it is downhill or flat, but of course we have to ride north up the hills again, often into the wind.  Still, it’s the flattest long ride around here, and I’m very grateful to have it …


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