Wednesday yoga and foot update

I did a half hour of yoga this morning, and it felt great. I need it so much; if I don’t do it three times a week or so, my muscles get tighter and tighter, and it feels awful. It’s just so hard to find the energy for it sometimes.

My timing has been all off this week with the riding; I thought today and much of the rest of the week was supposed to be rainy, so I rode the last two mornings, even though the temperature was only in the 20s. But this morning was sunny and warm, in spite of the forecast, and unfortunately I needed a rest too badly to get out there. So I missed what was probably the best riding day of the week. Damn.

I went back to the podiatrist today, who suggested a custom orthotic, which sounded fine to me until I learned that my insurance wouldn’t cover it and it would cost $450. So we’re trying a non-custom insert, and if that doesn’t help, I’ll pay the money. But I’m feeling optimistic — my foot has been better lately, and maybe the cheaper ($40) inserts will do the trick.


3 comments so far

  1. Jenny on

    I had a very helpful podiatrist in the summer who told me to get the better-quality non-custom orthotic; he said that in many cases the custom ones are simply not worth it, and that though he himself uses custom ones in his dress shoes he has the regular kind in the shoes he wears to work…

  2. Stefanie on

    Too bad about the wacky weather. I hope the cheaper orthotic works.

  3. Dorothy W. on

    Jenny — good to know; the non-custom inserts are feeling fine so far, and seem to help.

    Stefanie — I shouldn’t expect much else from March but wacky weather, I suppose — it’s supposed to be like that after all …

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