Thursday ride

Yesterday was an 81-mile ride, with a group of four other people.  Much of the route was familiar to me, but there were parts that were new, and these were particularly beautiful.  Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten the route in my mind, so I’ll have to pay more attention next time …

At first I felt a little uncertain about riding after the crash — not riding itself, but riding with other people.  I didn’t want to be close to anybody else or to ride behind anyone.  But soon enough I got into the ride and forgot about the crash, and then things were easier.  My bruises hurt whenever I went over a bump, but that was the only reminder that I’d crashed two days before.

I worked harder than usual on this ride, as usually happens when I’m with a group.  Our average speed was 16.7, average HR 154, and we rode for nearly 5 hours.  It was a good group — the three guys were faster than me, but not embarrassingly so, and they weren’t out to ride hard, so it didn’t matter so much.  The one other woman and I were more evenly matched, although I think she has more overall endurance than I do (she’s a triathlete and is training for an ironman — when we finished the ride she went out for a short run).

Today is off, and I hope to squeeze in a short ride tomorrow between rain storms, and then be ready for Sunday’s race.


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