Two more races

I raced last Sunday and again this evening and thank God there was no crash in either race, although there was some squirrelly riding. But there always is a little bit of that, and the trick is for people to recover without panicking and therefore going down.

So, on Sunday I rode in a women’s open race and did okay, finishing 11th out of 18. There was some bumping right before the final sprint that made me hit my brakes some, and I may have done better if that hadn’t happened, but I’m not sure — by the end of the race I was beat. The odd thing is that our pace wasn’t that fast, relatively speaking — we averaged around 21 mph, when every Tuesday night I average around 25 on the same course. And I felt more tired during the Sunday race than I usually do on Tuesdays. I think the difference is that we had a smaller pack, and so I couldn’t draft as well, and the women tend to pace themselves differently — they’ll go slowly on the flat parts and then sprint up the hill, and that tires me out even though the pace is relatively slow.

Anyway, the race tonight was fine — I finished with no trouble, although at the back of the pack. I had some moments when I rode near the front and that was good; I was trying not to lose my place in the pack and fall too far towards the back — I need to work on being more aggressive and not letting people push me back and take my wheel.

I’ve had a pretty frantic couple weeks with two races a week, but now I have a week off until the next Tuesday night race. Well, not quite a week off — I’m planning another epic 80-mile ride this Thursday.


3 comments so far

  1. Leah on

    I continue to be amazed that you do these races!

  2. fendergal on

    Will you be at Housatonic? I suppose so, since it’s your backyard race.

  3. Dorothy W. on

    Thanks Leah!

    Fendergal — I was there all right — see my latest post. Ugh.

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