Tuesday race

It was a pretty good race tonight, although a little odd — we started off relatively slow, then there was some chasing and fast riding in the middle, but by the last 1/3 the pace was slow again, as there was a group off the front, and once they were clearly gone, nobody took after them.  I think most people had a team member in the break, and so they doing what they were supposed to and making sure the break stayed away.

These races are a good workout for me — some high intensity riding, some pack riding experience.  I get a little frustrated, though, because I know I should work on staying up front, but I rarely manage it; once I’m out there I start to feel uncertain and my goal quickly shifts to staying upright.  I know that being up front makes it more likely I’ll stay upright, but still I have a hard time being aggressive enough to hold my place.  It’s not hard to get to the front; it’s hard, though, to stay there.

Anyway, it’s a good workout.  Distance: 19.1 miles, speed: 22.5 mph (a good two miles per hour slower than usual), average HR: 167.


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