Thursday ride and thoughts

I’m feeling both tired and jumpy.  Today I rode 46 miles with Hobgoblin and my Ironman racer friend who is now on her taper getting ready for the Lake Placid race.  It was a great ride, except for getting lost and ending up on a busy road.  But the ride took me on new roads, which I like, and since these roads are sort of near my workplace, it inspired me to consider trying bicycle commuting now and then.  It would be about 25 miles each way, so we’re talking about some serious riding, but I could do it at least occasionally, especially if I brought work clothes and shower stuff to work a day ahead of time and brought it all back the day after.

Running has been up and down.  Tuesday my foot started hurting again; I ran yesterday and it stopped.  It feels fine now.  Who knows what’s up.  My new foot doctor does seem to be helping …

Oh, and one more thing — here is a charming, funny comic strip you might like about people working in a bike shop.  Many thanks to SdC for pointing it out.


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