Saturday pre-race ride

I like to ride an hour easy on the day before a race — it helps keep my legs feeling good and makes me psychologically ready for the next day’s race. I wasn’t very smart about it today, though; the first part of the ride was fine, but then I saw a rider a bit up ahead who looked like he wasn’t riding terribly fast, so I decided to catch him. That took a little work and got my heart rate up, but I passed by him at a good rate and thought that was the end of it. But he decided to grab my wheel (perhaps doing the annoying “can’t let myself get passed by a girl!” thing) and so I kept pushing, not wanting to get passed again. He stayed on my wheel for a few miles and I started to get annoyed because this was a guy I’d never met and now he was making me work too hard. Then we hit a small hill, not very serious but enough to slow somebody down, so I stood up and did my best to power up it, my heart rate hitting the 170s. I looked back, and he was completely gone.

So that was fun, I’m capable of getting some malicious pleasure out of dropping people, but I worked too hard … I hope I don’t pay for it tomorrow.


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