You all may not believe this, but I actually got in the pool today. My running has been going well enough that I felt I could take the risk of starting to swim (if I can’t run, I’m not doing triathlons and so no need to swim at all), so I bought a swimsuit, joined the local Y, and headed out for a swim. It was a little scary, as I haven’t done laps in a decade or so and then I didn’t stick with it long, and I haven’t had swimming lessons since I was something like 8. The scariest part wasn’t the actual swimming, though; it was negotiating the pool itself — not knowing where I was going, not knowing the etiquette. But I told everyone everywhere I went that I’m new at this, and they helped me out, especially the motherly woman I shared a lane with, who answered all my questions about how things work.

Once I actually got in the lane, I felt like half my work was done, so I stayed only a little while, long enough to do 300 meters and remind myself of what it felt like to move around in water. I’m looking forward to going back …


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  1. Jenny on

    GOOD WORK! I agree with you, it is the etiquette rather than the swimming itself that is daunting. But it sounds like you have made a very good start…

  2. Leah on

    Yay! You got in the pool. The etiquette thing always confounds and intimidates me.

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