No century for me

Hobgoblin and I set out to ride 100+ miles today, but it just didn’t happen; I started off feeling sluggish, which isn’t that unusual, but what is unusual is that I never got over my sluggishness, even after an hour of riding.  As I went on, I found myself with less and less energy and my heart rate was unusually low — after riding up one of the God-awful hills that I can’t avoid around here, my HR was only 158, which is at least 10 beats lower than usual on a hard climb.

After 1 1/2 hours or so, I decided to cut it short, and Hobgoblin and I decided to try some new roads as a shortcut back home.  With the route we chose, the ride ended up being decently long anyway, at about 55 miles, and we saw some new roads that were beautiful (and hilly).  At one point we weren’t sure which way to go and had asked some people for help who weren’t able to help at all, and then one of our triathlete friends just happened to show up, right when we needed her.  She was on her way to the Lake Placid ironman this weekend, but stopped long enough to write out directions for us.  We were very grateful.

The good thing about this ride is that even though I felt sluggish the whole way and couldn’t have ridden fast if my life depended on it, I was pretty cheerful the entire time.  That made the over 3 1/2 hours bearable.

So now I need some serious rest, so this doesn’t happen again …


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