Tuesday race

I’m so used to racing these Tuesday night races that I don’t get nervous about them anymore — although part of the reason I don’t get nervous is that winning simply isn’t going to happen, so I feel no pressure there, and I haven’t gotten dropped all this year, so I don’t worry about that much either.  The race is simply a good intense workout and some experience riding in a pack, and that’s it.  I get more nervous thinking about how Hobgoblin will do than anything else, although even that is turning out to be unnecessary, as he’s leading the series by over 30 points, and it’s becoming more and more likely each race that he’ll win it.  I’ve taken to dropping out of the race in the last lap, partly to avoid the danger of the sprint and partly so I can see the finish.  This week turned out to be a good week to watch the end instead of participate in it, as Hobgoblin won once again and I got to see him cross the line.

Distance: 21.4 miles; speed: 24.4 mph; time: 52:36; average HR: 166; max HR: 177.


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