Sunday ride

I had a very nice not quite 2 hour ride today; I finally felt like my legs could work after two rides where I felt sluggish, so I rode pretty fast and worked hard.  It helped that for the last 7 miles or so I was riding with a guy I caught up with, who (unlike the last guy I caught) politely asked if he could draft.  Because I passed him fairly fast (and just because) I wanted to keep going fast, so I pushed it hard, and he did the same when I drafted on him.  The dynamic that develops when I run into strangers on their bikes is amusing — invariably when I pass a guy he speeds up and either stays on my wheel or passes me again.  And I don’t want to get passed, so I work hard no matter what.  It leads to some very fast riding.  We are generally nice and polite to each other, but are equally determined to look as strong as possible and not to get dropped.  This has never happened with a woman cyclist, although I don’t think I’ve ever caught up to one who was riding roughly at my pace.  They are either way faster or way slower.


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