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Training update

Well, I won’t have my wheel back for tomorrow’s race, although I will have it by Wednesday, which is more important, as I want to take my bike on the vacation that begins on Thursday!  So I’ll get a rest tomorrow, and can sit on the sidelines with a book and cheer everyone else on.  That will be fine, and I think I will take the chance to fit in a swim workout tomorrow instead.

I had my second swim lesson today, and it was fine — she made me work harder than I have before.  But I don’t think I’m going to get the instruction in technique from her that I’d like; she’s helped me with some basics, but I know there is so much more I need.  I’ll try to ask for more drills and such, but I think when this series of classes is over I’ll go elsewhere.  There is a group devoted to training for triathlons that I can join, although I think their next series of classes doesn’t begin until October.  I’m not sure, also, if they do any work with other strokes, which I’d like to learn.  Probably not.  Maybe I’ll stick with this current teacher long enough to learn the rudiments of other strokes?  There’s a masters program at the Y, but it’s only during the summer, so I’m not sure how I’ll keep things up during the winter.

My feet are fine, although I’m still not running far at all — I’m up to 12 minutes.  I met with my doctor for the last time today (yay!) unless problems develop again; when I said I wanted to run on the road instead of on the track, which I’ve been doing since I started running again, he suggested I switch over but keep my time the same until I’ve determined my feet won’t mind too much.  At this rate it will be well into October before I’m running 30 minutes, but that’s okay.  I can be patient.


Another incomplete century

Today was another non-century for me, the second in a row.  Hobgoblin and I set out to do the Tour of the Litchfield Hills, a ride we had never done before, although some of the roads are familiar to us.  Everything started out well — all the century riders began together (with those doing shorter distances starting later), and I found it interesting to begin this way, as usually in tours like these people start out individually.  I found myself trying not to race it as faster riders passed me, and I had to remind myself that I had lots and lots of miles left to go (or so I thought).

I was doing fine and keeping my average pretty high, when I heard a clanking noise like I’d dropped something metal onto the street.  I didn’t see anything but stopped to make sure nothing crucial had fallen off my bike, when I noticed a broken spoke.  I checked to see how wobbly the wheel was and saw that even if I opened my brakes, the wheel was still hitting them.  It was unrideable.  So I called Hobgoblin and sat down to wait for the SAG wagon.

I’d ridden 30 of the hundred miles — which would have made a decent training ride, but I would prefer not to get up at 5:00 and drive for an hour to do a 30-mile training ride!  Oh, well, tomorrow I visit the bike shop to beg them to fix my wheel before Tuesday’s race …

Thursday ride

I rode for 1:20 yesterday and felt tired the whole way; I still hadn’t recovered from Tuesday’s race.  Or maybe it was the swimming and running I’d done the day before.  I thought about going on a shorter ride, but then realized that I could pass 500 miles for the month if I rode something a little longer, so I decided to do that.  I’m over 3,100 miles for the year — way more than I had done by this point last year (although last year I lost most of July to illness).  I’m on track to have my highest yearly mileage year ever, by something like 800-1,000 miles.  This is fun, especially since next year I may do fewer miles because of my triathlon focus.  In the future I’ll have to think about total number of hours trained, including all three sports, instead of bike miles.