Thursday ride

I rode for 1:20 yesterday and felt tired the whole way; I still hadn’t recovered from Tuesday’s race.  Or maybe it was the swimming and running I’d done the day before.  I thought about going on a shorter ride, but then realized that I could pass 500 miles for the month if I rode something a little longer, so I decided to do that.  I’m over 3,100 miles for the year — way more than I had done by this point last year (although last year I lost most of July to illness).  I’m on track to have my highest yearly mileage year ever, by something like 800-1,000 miles.  This is fun, especially since next year I may do fewer miles because of my triathlon focus.  In the future I’ll have to think about total number of hours trained, including all three sports, instead of bike miles.


2 comments so far

  1. BettyBetty on

    I rode for an 1hr 20 yesterday today and I felt tired although I didn’t do a race on Tuesday so I guess I better shut up. You must do a lot of long rides. I rarely ever do any long rides because I never have 5 minutes to do anything!

  2. Dorothy W. on

    I do long rides now and then … although mostly I accumulate my mileage by riding 5 times a week. That said, I’m planning to ride a century tomorrow!

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