Yes, i’ve neglected this blog quite a lot lately … but my workouts have gone along pretty well, with a break for my vacation in Vermont, where I didn’t really take a break, but just shifted from the usual stuff to climbing up mountains.  Other than that, I’ve stuck for the most part to my goal of 3 runs and swims a week and 4 rides.

I got back a little bit ago from the pool where I swam my farthest ever by 600 meters for a total of 2000 meters, thanks to the masters program, which it looks like I’ll be doing all fall, if enough people sign up.  There were two workouts, one for the fast swimmers and one for the not-so-fast swimmers, but even the not-so-fast workout was too much for me at 3000 meters.  The paces the coach set were too much for me too.  But … I’ll get there.


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