A brick

Today I rode for a very easy 45 minutes and then went out on an 18-minute run immediately afterward.  I’ve done rides and runs within fairly close proximity of each other, but I think this is my first real brick where I tried to get through “transition” as quickly as possible.  I felt surprisingly good — my legs were a little wobbly and heavy at first, but much less so than I expected.

I will do no workouts whatsoever tomorrow, and I probably won’t on Monday as well.  Time for a break!


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  1. Leah on

    I’ve found I quite like bike/run bricks. I seem to run better “off the bike” than “cold.” I guess my muscles need that familiar pedaling motion to get ready for other stuff.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    Interesting! Cycling is certainly a good way to warm up for a run.

  3. zhiv on

    Catching up over here–I think I had a vague notion from 0B&B that you had started swimming, but it sounds like you are very well launched at this point. I have my own September push going, a good streak of running, yoga, and pilates, and I’ll admit that I’m having vague triathlon glimmers, but they’re still easily dismissable. You seem to be getting after it now, however–earlier you were having all of those foot issues–which is very inspirational. And you’re doing a masters swimming program? You must be getting a lot better very quickly doing that.

  4. Dorothy W. on

    Your running, yoga, and pilates sound great! I’ve given up on yoga — not that I want to, but I just can’t fit it all in, and I’ve tried and tried to have the energy for it, but I never do. So I decided I’m better off acknowledging that fact and trying to get my stretching in in other ways. The masters swimming is small and new with lots of swimmers like me, but yes, I’m improving, I think, and it is very enjoyable!

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