After taking two days off this past Sunday and Monday, I rode for an hour on Tuesday morning, getting out with Hobgoblin, who was riding for the first time after his last crash.  That was fine — a nice fall ride, a little faster than I would have done on my own, but still at a moderate pace.

Then last night I spent an hour at the pool, swimming 2000 meters, including a lot of drills.  I was there for the masters class, which may end up getting cancelled, but I’ve got this week at least and maybe I’ll get lucky after that.  It’s a new program and very small, with a number of new swimmers like me, so I’m not sure it’s very typical of masters programs; I’m liking having a coach who tells me what to do, rather than having to make it up for myself.

I went swimming again this evening, doing 2100 meters in about 57 minutes — no drills this time, just intervals of varying intensity.  I think it was the hardest workout I’ve done in a pool yet.


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