I took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride 1:20 with Hobgoblin today.  We had a great ride, but talked a lot of way about how we’ve lost our peak fitness — which is to be expected, of course, and not a bad thing.  I’m still decently strong but don’t have the snap or pep or whatever you want to call it I had a month or so ago.  But it’s all part of the training cycle …

I trained a little over 5 hours last week (2 1/2 hours riding, 2 hours swimming, 40 min. running) and next week I’m hoping to do something more like 7 1/2 hours, starting with a run tomorrow.  If I can get up early enough, that is.


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  1. BettyBetty on

    It has been gorgeous hasn’t it? Except for that dreaded wind. I love riding in July and during the fall. I have got to join a pool already.

  2. Dorothy W. on

    This weekend will be rainy though — too bad it can’t last!

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