Today I squeezed in an hour ride between work and sunset, which was nice, since this weekend will be a washout, it looks like.  I keep checking the forecast hoping it will change, but it only gets worse.  Maybe Sunday when there’s only a 40% chance of rain will be okay for riding …

Yesterday’s swim class was fun, memorable for the 10 25-meter sprints the coach made us do; I haven’t done much speed work in the pool so far, so it’s good to focus on that a bit.  And then a 20-minute run this morning, which was fine.  I’m running all one speed these days, usually 9:45 miles; one of these days I’ll have to vary the speed a bit, but I want to get up to 30 min. of running first, just to make sure my feet are doing okay.  So far so good.


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  1. BettyBetty on

    Always nice to sneak one in…the sun disappears so fast now. I think 7 is it without lights. I hear you on the weekend. I had a long ride planned but somehow 4 hours in the rain and wind sounds like something a loony toon would do. Now I will be shuffling around all week to fit it in. Sounds like your running is improving. Smart to take it slow when you are recovering.

  2. Leah on

    Hm. You’re starting to sound like a triathlete.

  3. sarah a on

    I’m watching that weather too (here in RI)! What bad timing for the weekend! Maybe there can be some riding between showers on Sat? Sun afternoon might be ok. Good on you doing swimming and running too!

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