Just got back from swim class; we did 500 free as a warm-up, then 800 meters worth of drills, including lots of kick and rotating drills.  Then 5×100 to finish.  It was fine — with all the drills, it felt slow and relatively easy, more work on form than anything else.

This morning I ran for 22 min. and my foot is feeling a little weird right now — the place it was hurting yesterday is now fine, but another place feels wrong … ugh.  It doesn’t hurt when I walk or run, though, just when I move it in certain ways, so I don’t see why I need to back off the running right now.

I also rode yesterday for 1.5 hours — a nice ride, pretty uneventful.


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  1. BettyBetty on

    How is swimming impacting your overall fitness?

  2. Dorothy W. on

    You know, it’s hard to say. I know my upper body is getting stronger (which isn’t saying much, as I have a very week upper body!). The kicking drills can tire out my legs too, so there’s a benefit there. I’m not sure how it’s affecting my running and riding, though, or my overall ability to train. There are too many other changes going on, such as not racing on the bike anymore, for me to pinpoint what swimming is doing.

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