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I had a good swim workout yesterday, more challenging than Tuesday’s.  I swam 2400 meters, which is a new record for me.  It took me a little over one hour.  The workout was something like this (all free):

500 on 12:30 (which gave me over a minute of rest)

400 on 9:40

300 on 7:00

200 on 4:30 (by this point I’m not getting a whole lot of rest at all)

100 on 2:10

8×25 on :45 (this was easy — I had at least 15 seconds rest each time)

4×50 on 1:15

2×150 on 3:20

200 cool down

There were times in there I’d have plenty of rest and times when I had maybe 10 seconds.  And there were times between sets when I took an extra minute or so …

Riding has been fine, just really cold.  I’m off to run shortly …


I had a fairly easy swim workout today, and it was fine until the last couple hundred yards when my foot cramped up and I had to quit early.  Arg.  At least it happened at the end … tomorrow’s swim workout will not be so easy, I’m afraid.  For some reason I have it in my head that swimming is the sport where I don’t have to work as hard; perhaps it’s what I’ve read from people who say you should focus on technique more than speed.  So I have this idea that swim workouts will be all easy drills and such, and when my heart rate shoots up and I get tired I’m surprised.  Not very smart!

I went on a ride today with friends — some of whom race and some of whom ride only occasionally.  It was a great ride because we stayed together the whole time, all the racers taking it easy and letting the occasional riders set the pace.  It was a true zone 1 ride for me, which hardly ever happens unless I’m on a trainer (which hardly ever happens).  The hills around my house send my heart rate skyrocketing and make a real recovery ride almost impossible.  But today we were riding in a relatively flat area near the Hudson river, and my HR only occasionally went up into the 140s.

It was a good rest week (5.5 hours or so, with 1.5 of them being very easy), and I’m now ready to work a little harder.

Rest week

This is a rest and recovery week after last week’s craziness (I ended up doing 10 1/2 hours instead of the 10 I planned).  I plan on training about 5 1/2 hours this week, although I have a group bike ride this weekend and don’t know what that will be like.  Monday was entirely off, yesterday was running and swimming, and today is riding and swimming.  Tomorrow will be off and the weekend will be pretty light.

Swimming was great yesterday; we did something like this (all free):

500  warm-up

8×50 kick and pull, alternating

8×25 catch-up and reach drills, alternating

4×100 on 2:15 (which I could barely do — I’d finish around 2:00 or 2:05 and barely catch my breath before starting again)

8×50 on 1:15 (it was supposed to be 1:05, but I couldn’t quite manage that, partly because I was getting tired)

4×25 on :30 (I did it on :35 or so, again, too tired)

250 cool down

2250 total in about an hour, my longest swim yet.

So far the training has gone better this week than expected: I’ve ridden four hours, run twice, and gone swimming once.  I’m gearing up to head out to the pool this evening.  The weather has cooperated, which has helped a lot, and this weekend looks beautiful.  Yay!

The week

I trained 9 hours this week, doing exactly what I planned to you.  Yay!  Next week might be another matter, though …

Here’s what I did:

  • Rode for 5 hours, one 2 hour ride and 2 1.5 hour rides.  Two of these were fairly easy; the long one was a bit harder as I rode with Hobgoblin, and I always ride harder when I ride with him.
  • Ran for a little over 1 hour.  I’m running 22 minutes each time (on to 24 minutes next week!), so 3 runs total.
  • Swam for almost 3 hours, including two classes with the masters group and one session on my own.

I’d like to train for 10 hours next week, but I will lose some time during the weekend to family obligations and I’m not sure about the weather.  We’ll see.

Swim workout

My swim workout in today’s Masters swimming class looked something like this (all freestyle) — it was the “not so fast” workout:

250 warm up

2x 25 on 1:00

2×50 on 1:50

2×75 on 2:40

2×100 on 3:30

2×150 on 4:20

2×200 on 5:00

150 on 4:00

100 on 3:00

50 on 2:00

300 cool down

2050 total, which I did in 59:55

The beginning intervals seemed ridiculously easy, but by the time I got to the 200s, I was doing them in about 4:45, which left me 15 seconds of rest before I had to set off again.  This workout felt good — challenging, but not impossible by any means.