Rest week

I haven’t done any running, riding, or swimming since last Thursday over a week ago.  This rest week has had mixed results — actually, all the results I’ve seen have been bad, although there are probably good results that aren’t immediately obvious.  I know I needed a rest week to let my body and mind recover and to keep up my motivation, and that’s all good, but it hasn’t taken away my aches and pains as I hoped.  My shoulders were aching and now they are improved, but aren’t perfectly better, and I’m not sure the rest caused the improvement.  And my hamstring issue is only marginally better if at all. Fortunately this last problem wasn’t keeping me from exercising before the rest and so will probably be no more than an annoyance afterward, but I hoped it would be gone entirely.

And I’ve put on a few pounds because I don’t have the will power to cut back on my eating just because I’m not exercising. (Not exercising much — I did go on one hike and have walked here and there now and then.)

So next week is back to normal, although it will be busy with work things.  But I’m hoping to ride three or four times, run three times, and swim twice.  We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. BettyBetty on

    Rest weeks are so welcomed initially but always questioned later. I’ve cut my training load considerably in preparation for the whole Friel thing. As you know Friel says you have to take planned breaks to be your best. We’ll see but I feel like I’m getting fat! My past way of training I was always the strong one in early spring because I rode hard all winter whereas just about everyone else backed off, cross-trained and/or worked solely on base. But by June I was fading out and everyone else was out-riding me. Are you following Friel this year?

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