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My aches and pains only get worse … yesterday I was doing some new stretches and strength exercises and pushed myself too hard, and today my muscles are hurting.  This is getting a bit old!

BettyBetty asked me if I’m following Friel’s training program this year, and so far I’m not, although I have a habit of changing my plans frequently, so I may return to him.  I’m loosely following a plan from Triathlete magazine’s Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide. Friel leaves so much of the actual day-by-day planning up to you, and I have been feeling like I want a little more guidance and specificity, which the new book gives me.  I liked Friel’s book on cycling better, but for triathlons, I felt he wasn’t differentiating the type of training you would need for sprint versus ironman competitions.  I thought he asked for too much base riding as well.  So we’ll see how the new plan goes … and how often I change it.


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  1. Jenny on

    I like reading Friel for the vicarious thrill, but honestly that book is directed towards fast male age-groupers doing long-distance triathlon. You know what’s a much better book for our purposes (if you don’t mind me grouping us together!) – Gale Bernhardt’s Training Plans for Multisport Athletes. Take a look, you will like it!

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