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Swim class

Swim class went well, although there was some initial confusion.  For some reason when I showed up on time, they had started early, not swimming, but going over some drills and swimming basics.  So I missed that, and then because I didn’t really know anybody there and didn’t have a whole lot of confidence, I went with the beginner group, which turned out to be way too beginner for me.  They were working on drills, and I pretty happily worked along with them, but soon enough the teachers figured out I really belonged with the other group, so I joined them and picked up on their workout in the middle somewhere.

The teachers were both very nice and encouraging, and I felt like I got a decent amount of attention, in spite of that fact that there were a dozen or so people there.  I also did the backstroke for the first time since I was a kid!

What I really want from this class is some instruction on technique and possibly to gain more speed.  Obviously I won’t get a lot of one-on-one attention, but I do think I’ll learn things from them, so that’s good.

It turns out I know what I’m doing in the pool, at least on a basic level, which is a real confidence booster.  But I’m surely one of the slowest swimmers out there.  I’ll have to work on upper body and core strength to try to fix that …


I got outside on the bike for the first time in 2009 today; the ride was okay — it was 30s and not windy which feels pretty comfortable — but my God am I out of shape.  That’s what a few weeks off does to me, I suppose.  My legs felt okay, but my HR was so high I don’t want to give the number.  Too embarrassing.

Tonight I have my first swimming lesson with a new group, and I’m nervous and excited about it.  It would be nice if I weren’t the slowest, most awkward swimmer there …

And my doctor says I can try running again this week.  Only 10 minutes at a time, but it’s a start.  I’m supposed to stop immediately if it hurts, though, and I’m worried that it might.